Fishing With Fireworks, Sweden’s New National Pastime

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Fishing With Fireworks, Sweden’s New National Pastime. I don’t use the “On The Rise” category on What’s Trending very often, mostly because of the old what-goes-up-must-come-down rule of physics, which also applies to online content.

A video which is hugely popular now will not be part of the national discourse in a few months time.

I feel confident with my decision, however, to include “Fishing With Fireworks” in this category for two reasons.

One: Fireworks nearly always explode and quite literally “rise.” Into the sky when they explode.

Two: Fishing with fireworks will, with any luck, become the Swedish version of the Ice Bucket Challenge, a truly “on the rise” trend that will remain in the forethought of our minds and continue to raise money for important causes well into next year.