10 Most-Watched YouTube Gaming Videos of 2013

10 Most-Watched YouTube Gaming Videos of 2013. From new consoles to big releases, 2013 has been a huge year for gaming.

10 Most-Watched YouTube Gaming Videos of 2013

YouTube captured recent gaming trends by releasing the 10 most-watched videos in its “Gaming” category this year. Among the list are trailers, gameplay videos, montages and more.

Some surprises on the list include three “Let’s Play” videos, which each racked up millions of views. Typically more than 30 minutes long, they are lengthy videos in which YouTubers air unedited gameplay footage along with their own narration, usually with a humorous bent.

YouTube’s most popular channel PewDiePie, which boasts over 17 million subscribers, have two videos in this year’s top 10.

You can view the full list, below.

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